The Power & Profit in Partnership

By Laura Knights & Summer Alexander

As a solopreneur, you wear multiple hats in your business. It can be a challenge to be the CEO, marketing director, administrative assistant...and the list goes on. Imagine adding more money to your bottom line while sharing the cost of expenses, the workload, and the stress of being an entrepreneur. Partnering with another solo-business owner is one way to accomplish this. The insight and exercises in this workbook will help solopreneurs get a clearer picture of how partnering with another business owner can benefit their bottom line, and provide the necessary tools to embark on the partnership. 



This actionable guide is a no-fluff workbook to help solopreneurs grow their business through joint ventures. The book contains Get It Done! Actions Plans following each section of the book to help you implement the practical content. It includes:


Use the prompts provided in the book to reflect on your next steps with pursuing a partnership. 


Use the questionnaires to help you assess your compatibility with a potential business partner.


Use the checklists to help you assess your readiness as you prepare to enter into a joint venture partnership. 


Check out these bonus tips based on our partnership experience to provide extra insight and wisdom for your journey.

“I purchased this book at a luncheon in 2016 and with the tips from it, I grossed an extra $11K in 10 months! I highly recommend it!" 

Deborah Gary - Paint On Me, Inc. 


Laura E. Knights

Laura E. Knights, LCSW is an author, speaker, and executive coach that has been developing professional and personal development programs for the last 16 years in the areas of small business and leadership development. Her expertise and background in entrepreneurship, strategic planning, organizational development, and social work uniquely equip her to teach others how to deal with both the "head work" and "heart work" required to succeed in business and in life.  

Laura has assisted hundreds of people through her business training workshops, mastermind groups, and popular coaching programs where she teaches people how to create a life and business of meaning and purpose that transforms their self-identity, work, and wealth.  

Laura received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, and her Master’s in Social Work from DePaul University. She is the President of Knights Consulting LLC. Additionally, Laura is a trained therapist and holds a Licensed Clinical Social Worker designation in both Illinois and Georgia. For her work, Laura has been featured in JET, Rolling Out, WGN TV, WCIU TV, Rolling Out Magazine and several other media outlets. To learn more about Laura, visit

Summer Alexander 

With a background in market research, technology, and communications; Summer Alexander is uniquely qualified to help businesses learn to combine the customer experience with their company data to create client-centered branding, messaging, and content strategy. 

As CEO of Simply Marketing Solutions, she leads the marketing strategy consulting firm and has advised clients in the areas of market analysis and industry research, content development and implementation, brand messaging, community outreach and social media strategy. Summer also conducts branding and marketing keynote presentations, staff trainings, and business workshops for governments, corporations, and non-profit organizations. 

In 2014 she authored the Amazon #1 bestseller The Little Book of Big Marketing Ideas. A recognized thought leader in her industry, Summer has been a featured guest expert in Black Enterprise, Jet, WGN TV, WCIU TV, Rolling Out Magazine and several other media outlets. To learn more about Summer, visit


The Power & Profit in Partnership LIVE!

In this dynamic and engaging talk, soloprenuers and business consultants, Laura Knights & Summer Alexander, bring the book to life! They share their story of how they developed a joint venture while running their individual businesses, and were able to generate over $100K in new business in a 13 month period just from their partnership efforts. In this session, "The Savvy Solopreneurs" will help you decide if joining forces with another solo-business owner is a good complementary strategy for your business. You'll also learn the specific steps you must take before starting a partnership and how to ensure a successful partnership.

Audience Takeaways: 

>>Learn how to increase your revenue without increasing your workload through partnership 

>> Identify the important questions you should ask yourself to determine if you are ready to form a partnership with another business owner 

>>Explore three types of partnerships for solopreneurs to consider  

>>Discover the biggest mistakes solopreneurs make when partnering and how to avoid them


“As a self-professed “Type A” personality, I have historically been skittish about the possibilities of partnering in business. However, having witnessed the synergy (and results) of Summer Alexander and Laura Knights, I was intrigued by their seminar “Power & Profit in Partnership.” I was impressed by the initial pre-work in the Core Values Assessment, which not only provided insight into the kind of partner who would most compliment my work style, but also provided an introspective view of my values, attributes and opportunities. The benefits of partnership section of the workshop really put things into perspective for me. Many thanks Savvy Solopreneurs!"

Kimberly Brewer, MBA - Kimberly Brewer Strategy

“The Power and Profit in Partnership workshop was a high quality workshop. It was organized with structured content and fantastic marketing materials. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and as someone who had not previously considered a partner, I've been converted. The pace was perfect and the facilitators, Laura and Summer, compliment eachother very well. The Core Values Assessment helped me to pinpoint my strengths and those areas where I might struggle. This information will help me to identify and secure the right partner for my business. It was a very interesting workshop, and I will definitely be able to use the knowledge obtained in the real world."

Jamelia Hand, CEO - Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC


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